Klopp is Shankly ‘reincarnated in a German’: Grobbelaar

London (AFP) – Jurgen Klopp is Liverpool’s legendary manager Bill Shankly reincarnated in a “German body”, said the club’s goalkeeping great Bruce Grobbelaar after the Reds sealed their first league title in 30 years.

Liverpool were confirmed as champions and deposed Manchester City when the latter lost 2-1 to Chelsea on Thursday.

Grobbelaar, a key member of the last Liverpool team to lift the title, said Klopp had all the hallmarks of being able to build as great a team as Shankly.

Shankly’s successors like Bob Paisley built on the foundations he laid with three league titles and two FA Cups plus a UEFA Cup during his 15 years in charge from 1959 to 1974).

“Klopp is one of those managers who will go down in history,” Grobbelaar told the BBC on Friday.

“I’ve likened him to a Shankly reincarnation in a German body.

“He got everybody together in case we did lift the title.

“He is a charismatic chap, he’s just brilliant.

“He gets the fans. For him to get all the players together, they probably had a few drinks which he doesn’t like during the season.”

Grobbelaar — who in over a decade won a swathe of trophies including six league titles and the 1984 European Cup — said with many records in their sights this season Klopp will not let his players take their foot off the pedal.

“He will get them rallied up again -– we have got a game coming up at City,” said Grobbelaar.

“We know the 100-point mark can be done this season. Jurgen will do that. He’ll get the players to play as hard as they can all season.

“We haven’t lost yet at Anfield this season so we’ve got to go unbeaten right through the season there.”

Grobbelaar said it was a shame the squad could not celebrate with their supporters in the manner he did in 1990 owing to physical distancing due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“We went around Anfield, I grabbed some youngsters and gave them the trophy, took the camera and took photos of them with the trophy,” he said.

“This would never happen today and especially now with coronavirus.

“Nothing has throw us off the scent of this victory that we needed so much.”