How grief has united an Israeli, and a Palestinian mother

Two mothers, one Palestinian and one Israeli, whose sons died as a result of the conflict, have been united in friendship after sharing their grief and common desire for peace.

Layla says her baby son Qusay died after he became sick when Israeli soldiers threw tear gas into her village in Bethlehem.

Robi’s son David was studying at university and was part of the peace movement when he was called to the reserves. She says he died after being shot by a Palestinian sniper.

Both women found their way to the Parents Circle, a joint Israeli-Palestinian organisation made up of people who have lost family members in the conflict.

In an in-depth interview on his BBC Radio 5 Live show, Colin Murray spoke to Layla and Robi about their experiences, their friendship and their desire for peace.

Layla and Robi’s full story was on BBC Radio 5 Live Colin Murray at 11pm on 8 June 2021.