Gucci gets new logo

Gucci has caused a social media splash by presenting an updated logo on its Facebook page… and it’s quite something. The unusual font, which looks an awful lot like a young child’s handwriting, is tied to the luxury brand’s Fall Winter 2020 Men’s Collection, which is to be debuted today.

The new-look logo has resulted in some controversy plus a whole lot of noise. Facebook and Instagram users, in particular across Vietnam, have updated their own avatars to a similar handwritten font (to get a similar look, see our pick of the best handwriting fonts). Let’s find out why Gucci has chosen such unusual styling for its new collection.

It all began three days ago when Gucci updated its Facebook page (with 18 million followers) with the new logo and accompanying images announcing the collection using the same handwritten font. The scratchy, fountain pen-esque scrawl is imperfect, with blots, wobbles and discrepancies in character size and orientation so there’s no surprise that the collection it accompanies is heavily linked to childhood. 

Gucci posted a series of teaser posts about the campaign (see the video below), which has the tagline ‘Rave Like You Are Five’ and is actually inspired by children’s birthday parties. The font is based on a typical French child’s handwriting. Vietnamese children also learn to write in this style, which is apparently why the image has gone viral in Vietnam.


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