Fifa crowd noise and zoom calls: How to create an atmosphere without fans

Fan noise, zoom calls and Fifa crowd sounds are all on the cards.

The Premier League resumes on 17 June – fabulous news!

Even better, loads of it will be shown for free. The BBC will air four live Premier League games, Amazon Prime will make its four games free to air and there will be more free games across Sky Sports and BT Sport.

So, how will you recreate that matchday atmosphere?

Perhaps you’re planning to convert your hallway into a sort of concourse for the family to mill about at half-time, liberally spilling beer over the floor…

After the game, if you fancy replicating the buzz and clamour of matchday traffic, why not go out and sit stationary in the car for 45 minutes?

Otherwise, in the absence of fans in stadiums, clubs and broadcasters are going to have to get creative in order to try to generate some kind of vibe.

Around the world innovations have been trialled, with varying degrees of success. We review some of them here…

Drive-thru football

It was a long drive home for these FC Midtjylland fans, after their team lost 1-0

When Danish side FC Midtjylland hosted AC Horsens last month, fans were able to get close to the action by parking their vehicles next to the stadium.

You may get more leg room than a lot of stadiums this way, but we’ve definitely still got some questions. For instance, how many parking spaces should a limo be allowed?

You wouldn’t want to get stuck behind this…

Verdict: Could be a laugh, as long as you’re not in the ‘restricted view’ back seat.

Pumped-in fan audio

This one’s a goer. After being used in the German Bundesliga, artificial crowd noise will be available to UK viewers.

Bristol City manager Lee Johnson has said he would welcome its inclusion in the Championship.

Bristol City boss Johnson supports crowd noise at Championship games

Verdict: Probably wise to make it optional. As our Lee says, we don’t want to be hearing ‘ooohs’ when it’s not an ‘oooh’ moment on field and, for every fan of innovation, there is bound to be a fuming purist somewhere, convinced that this spells the death of the beautiful game.

Fifa video game crowd noise

Gaming finally overtakes real life

It’s been reported