FA Cup: Norwich v Man Utd – rate the players

Watch Norwich v Man Utd in the FA Cup

helpHow to play

Rate players out of 10 throughout or after the game. The rater will close 30 minutes after the final whistle.

Rating range key1 = Give it up10 = Pure perfection

Norwich City

  1. Squad number1Player nameKrul

  2. Squad number2Player nameAarons

  3. Squad number4Player nameGodfrey

  4. Squad number15Player nameKlose

  5. Squad number17Player nameBuendía

  6. Squad number27Player nameTettey

  7. Squad number23Player nameMcLean

  8. Squad number12Player nameLewis

  9. Squad number7Player nameRupp

  10. Squad number14Player nameCantwell

  11. Squad number22Player namePukki

  1. Squad number11Player nameHernández

  2. Squad number20Player nameDrmic