A virtual grandstand in the Danish Superliga [Video]

If you’re a soccer-ticket holder listen up:

Ten-thousand people crammed into the seating at a Danish soccer match to cheer their team except… none of the fans were actually there!

Giant screens showed each fan in a glorified and massive Zoom conference call for the match between the AGF Aarhus and Randers teams.

A home crowd like no other for AGF Aarhus as the league resumed on Thursday (May 28).

The whole setup was done in partnership with Zoom, the conference call company.

According to the club, spectators picked up a free ticket and as the match began gathered with those who had a ticket to the same virtual grandstand section.

Just like in a regular soccer stadium with 22 different sections to choose from, there was room for both home fans, neutral spectators and even away fans.

Fans also had the opportunity to decorate the grandstands, dropping off placards and flags at the stadium ahead of the game

and in the car park, fans could watch the match on a big screen from their cars.

In the end, it seems that Aarhus didn’t get the home advantage after all… with a 1-1 draw.